Workshops, Seminars & Events

We are highly connected to local and national initiatives and organisations, and are able to link you with a range of workshops, seminars and events to help you to achieve your business objectives. Check in to this page regularly to find a list of upcoming events, whether you're looking to start, grow or innovate your business.

Agritech New Zealand Roadshow

Agritech New Zealand are bringing their 2018 roadshow to Nelson on Monday 15th October.

With the recent signing of strategic partnerships with Farm2050 and Western Growers, they offer agritech businesses based in the Nelson / Marlborough region with access to new global capital, offshore markets and connectivity with some of the world’s largest agribusinesses. Hear from Peter Wren-Hilton, Executive Director of Agritech New Zealand, and find out how your business can benefit from these and other major initiatives that the organisation are taking to connect, promote and advance New Zealand’s agritech sector.

Tickets are free, but registration is essential.

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Build For Speed

New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological changes in the next several years that will impact many industries and our economy for decades. So, how might your software development teams be innovative to allow New Zealand businesses and individuals to succeed, in balance with new measures coming our way?

As a CEO, non-tech Founder, Senior or C-level developer in a software development team, this workshop is aimed at helping you build better software, faster, in order to run a more effective business, create better products and generally outpace your competition.

We will explore flow, measurement and metrics, understand the concept of cash, overall efficiency and why they are important.  We will also look at some agile concepts that underly software development and will take you through the Callaghan Innovation Build for Speed programme, which is an innovative software improvement programme.  You’ll also hear from HYPR and how they have transformed capabilities and efficiencies in many NZ software development companies.  

Led by the Digital Team at Callaghan Innovation, this event will be held on Thursday 18th October, from 9.30am-1pm at the NZTE Boardroom, 75 Trafalgar Street. Morning tea and nibbles will be provided, but the event is limited to a maximum of 30 attendees, so make sure to secure your space. This is also a great chance to network and meet other like-minded local businesses also keen to explore what is possible.

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Callaghan Innovation 1-Day Lean Workshop

On the 14th November 2018, the Nelson Regional Development Agency will be hosting a 1 day 'Lean' workshop, facilitated by Bryan Travers from the University of Auckland Business School. Bryan is very highly regarded in this area, having previously been a CEO of 3000 staff, and it is well worth spending the day with him to tap into this knowledge. 

This workshop will help you to better understand Lean methodologies, how they can be applied to your business, and how they can have incredible impact in your business. We have seen lots of diverse businesses begin to implement Lean principles in order to improve efficiencies, remove wasteful activities, increase outputs and reduce costs. It is a very powerful business tool, and something that every business should be trying to understand better.
The session will be held on Wednesday 14th November 2018, from 8.30am-4.30pm, at Trailways Hotel in Nelson City. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided and the cost is $65 per person. Registration is essential and spaces are limited!

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Emerging Technology in the Agritech, Wine & Food Sectors

New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological and societal changes in the next several years that will impact our industry and economy for decades. The collision of the digital and physical worlds has launched the fourth industrial revolution.

How might emerging technology and innovative thinking allow New Zealand businesses and individuals to succeed, in balance with new environmental measures?

As a CEO or key influencer in your company, this workshop will help you understand the impact global trends might have on your business, and how you might use new technologies and business models to succeed on the world stage. We will explore what the future might look like, what emerging technology is out there, and how it’s being applied as innovative products and services. You can start to get ahead of the technology curve, and generate new business value through the convergence of emerging technology platforms like: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Biotechnology or Smart Materials.

Find out how, at this quickfire hands-on workshop led by the Future Insights team at Callaghan Innovation, with time to network with other like-minded businesses also keen to explore what is possible. Drinks and nibbles will also follow after this event, and we encourage you to network.

This event will be held on Thursday 15th November, from 3.30-6pm at the Mahitahi Colab, A Block, NMIT. 

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